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The system is currently in Beta stages, for experimental use only. Please feel free to register and use its services, on a basic personal account.
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  • Many people are afraid of the term information security. We store the information in a secured data center, which hardware, software and infrastructure are guarded by the strictest security measures
  • When World Copyright Center designed the software architecture which is in the foundation of the system, the highest priority was given to considerations of information security, to make sure that the possibility of information leakage will be avoided as much as possible. World Copyright Center have used advanced technologies for the implementation of this architecture
  • The files stored on the World Copyright Center servers will be kept for a minimum of two years, unless otherwise informed
  • World Copyright Center is committed to answer to any correspondence within two working days
  • World Copyright Center is committed to issuing a digital copyright certificate for any author that uploads a work, using Stamp'n'Lock
  • If the author loses the copyright certificate, World Copyright Center will let them re-generate it at any time
  • If the author loses their private key, World Copyright Center will be able to reissue the private key for the cost, as published in World Copyright Center's usage cost page.
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