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The system is currently in Beta stages, for experimental use only. Please feel free to register and use its services, on a basic personal account.
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World Copyright Center enables you to complete a copyright application, upload your protected works, and get a digital copyright registration certificate. All content is time-stamped, encrypted, compressed and electronically signed with a unique identifying number establishing ownership of the intellectual property. This unique type of Internet copyright database protection is called Stamp’n’Lock ™. The Internet copyright application process, digital copyright certificate, and most of World Copyright Center’s other services are completely free for private users.

Choose Register Your Work from the menu.
Register your Copyright with World Copyright Center

If you don't have an account yet, click Click here to sign up! to start the short registration process.
You are a click away from creating an account in order to protect your copyright

Fill in the fields as requested, a username and password, your first and last name, your email address, choose your country and your language, and after reading our terms of service tick the box if you agree to them. If you like, you can also ask the system to keep you logged in for a fortnight on the computer you are logging in from, so that you will not have to key in your password every time. Click the Register button to register with World Copyright Center.
regiter with World Copyright Center

Your new details are presented to you. Please keep your username ans password safely.
Access your World Copyright Center account

Enter your new username and password and click the Login button.

This is your control panel. Before you can upload a document to your account you must download your PEK (private encryption key) file, which will allow you to upload, store, and retrieve all your documents under the highest level of security and encryption available. Please note that once you download your PEK file, you will NOT be able to download it again for security purposes, so after you download it be sure to save your PEK file on your computer, as well as on a securely-stored backup device such as an external hard drive, a CD-RW, or a USB flash drive. Click CLICK HERE To Download Your PEK File.
Take full control on your copyright

Once you've downloaded your PEK file, please click please click here to continue.

Now you are all set to upload a document, in order to guard your copyright using Stamp'n'Lock ™.
To do that, click Upload Document.

Fill in the name of the work, Choose your role in the creation from the drop-down list, specify Other creators involved, if applicable, select type of work from the drop-down list, click the top Browse button to find Your private encryption key file and the bottom Browse button to find the document you want to upload. Click Register my work.
Enter name of work and choose your role in the creation

Upload your works to World Copyright Center top protect your copyright

Your work is now uploaded, timestamped, encrypted, compressed and registered. Click My Documents to see it.

Click it's name to download it or to generate the certificate. Generate the PDF certificate, unless your language uses non-English/Latin characters, by which case generate the HTML certificate.

To download your work, you must provide your PEK file again. You can download both the fully restored file, and the raw (compressed, encrypted, and timestamped) file.

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